NIKKI BLAZE, Liverpool UK born is an artist on a high dose of creativity. Open too many ideas when writing her music Nikki creates with many different types of music such as soul dance dubstep house and Hip Hop. Hip Hop music has given her the opportunity to travel and perform in many places, managing projects around the globe. Living the life she loves and loving the life she lives her passion for educating the younger generation plays a big part in her a life. Nikki Shares her forward Way vision with her UK partner Dj Olabean, and New York partner Therealmanifest . With background in BBC Radio Nikki has had the pleasure in interviewing a number of Hip Hop Legends from RZA, GZA, DJ Premier, Big Shug, Prince Paul, The Jungle Brothers, G Unit, The Beatnuts, Keith Murray, David Banner, Ghostface Killah, MOP, Crazy Legs, Africa Islam to Mobb Deep. Moving on to the next phase of her life Nikki now manages the number of artists from the UK and US. Nikki Blaze and Therealmanifest worked on projects together and decided with their Chemistry and hunger for creating music they should form an international group called "OF COURSS."